• Asset Management

    ACT Asset Management manages your capital following jointly agreed guidelines: mutual agreement between your conceptions and our possibilities. 
    Discretionary or advisory management - personal dialogue and communication is essential.
    ACT Asset Management AG's independence allows quick decision-making, as well as proactive, flexible and innovative conduct.

  • Selection of the banking relationship

    ACT Asset Management is an independent investment partner, working together with multiple banks in different countries. Following cooperation-criteria have to be fulfilled:

    Security: Stable bank with a large capital

    Efficiency: Ability to act quickly and execute transactions

    Transparency: Continuous monitoring of transactions and custody arrangement

    Investment:  Cost-effectiveness passed on to customer

  • Other services

    Company and Legal Structures

    Legal structure around wealth can be just as important as the asset management; e.g. setting up company structures, trusts or managing inheritance and gifts.
    ACT provides a large network of qualified lawyers.


    In some cases, insurance can be the ideal solution. ACT, in corporation with our partners, helps to find the structure that suits your needs best.

    Change of domicile

    ACT assists you with tax related optimisation and basic relocation issues, e.g. real estate and school search. 

Asset Management

Banking relationship

Other services